Over the past twenty years, our client’s strategy was to grow through acquisition.  Over that time, they announced 15 acquisitions involving 15 million customers.  Oftentimes when the deal closed, the client would flash cut all the seller’s systems to their systems. It was common to have to migrate 150 or more unique communications systems in less than a year.   Any delay in schedule, would delay the deal and significantly increase the overall cost.


ProCom was able to support their aggressive schedules by helping them quickly ramp up experienced resources to execute their plans.  This not only included providing people that were knowledgeable with the client’s systems, processes, and methodologies, but also by leveraging ProCom’s industry experience to find people with deep expertise on the seller’s systems.   This helped the client avoid paying exorbitant fees to the seller for conversion assistance.


ProCom played significant leadership roles for the client’s acquisitions working with their C Level executives.  Because ProCom has worked on more major system conversions and has more experience than any other provider, we were able to bring proven methodologies, automation tools, and project governance to ensure a low risk, highly successful cutover.   In an industry where the failure rate is high, every project was delivered on time and on budget.