The company has multiple properties throughout the Caribbean and Latin America providing quad play services (wireline, wireless, broadband, and video). Manual scheduling of field technician assignments was causing inconsistency in scheduling, unmet commitments, and limited visibility of service delivery dates. This in turn eroded customer satisfaction, increased cost, increased pre-installation cancellations, and increased customer churn.



We led the implementation of Oracle’s OFSC workforce management platform throughout the Caribbean. This included managing the RFP and vendor selection process, re-engineering the business processes, and managing all aspects of the program. We also coordinated cutover and post-production support activities to ensure a seamless transition to the client.



The Client had no work force management expertise and we were able to guide the client throughout the process, from vendor selection through implementation, ensuring they were capable of operating the platform once implemented. The result was visibility into their technician’s work, reduction in installation scheduling windows, and reducing unmet commitments.