PAUL TREASURE / Executive Vice President

Paul specializes in mergers

and acquisitions, system

conversions and complex

technology initiatives.

With over 20 years’ experience in communications, and information technology, Paul plays a major part in ProCom’s communications practice and brings a service providers perspective to their engagements.

Prior to joining ProCom Consulting, Paul gained wide exposure and knowledge of the communications sector through his role as Vice President of Information Technology at Frontier Communications. Paul has led over 15 mergers and acquisitions including Verizon, Commonwealth Telephone, AT&T, Alltel, GTE, and Frontier Communications. Paul also led the modernization of Frontier’s software applications, implementing Customer Care, Ordering, Billing, OSS, and Internet Systems helping the company to achieve meaningful synergies.

Paul’s deep experience and technical abilities allow him to collaborate with ease with application developers and C-Suite Executives alike. This rare trait makes him highly effective at turning an executive’s vision into a successful business initiative.

“The strength of ProCom comes from its diversity. The team consists of hand picked industry veterans from service provider, consulting and software companies. It’s truly a pleasure working with such talented individuals.”